Colouring 3d_particles

Hello to all vvvv enthusiasts

I have problems with colouring single 3d_particles (or areas).
As i used ca.1000 spreaded spheres for a visual it was easy to colour different areas::spreading hue of a hsl or hsv node, modulating linear spread per example with basses and i got audioreactive colours. This method works a little bit with 2d_particles, NOT with 3d_particles. All particles change colour at same time.

…and i read about the method of colouring single particles depending on their livetime.
Think my example would look very vivid. But first i need the birthtime as a value. Theorie for this is clear (dottore´s ParticlesGPU_Shader_Library pdf)::using uptime (timing_node)::storing in a(lfa)_channel of the field_texture via a 4d_vector + extracting this value in the same way.
But in which field_texture???
For the visual above had been 4 dynamic_textures in use. One for emitter_position (which i modulated), one for accelaration, one for acceleration_noise and one for velocity…
Thank you beforehand.

I guess you can use any of your textures, you just need to pick one with a channel not being used. For example maybe one of the one of the textures you mentioned has a free alpha channel. It’s not so important where you put the timing info, just need a place to store it.

If you have a chance to look in to it DX11 is pretty interesting for particles, as you can use a structured buffer for your particle data instead of all those texture render targets.