Colour level information at a certain point of an image at an animated position

Hi all again,
I’ve been working on a sonification artwork that uses images of car air filters.
The air filter images show how many hot particles of radiation are present and end up as a gray scale image(see attachment).
So far I’ve been working mostly on the Pure data side for the audio and now I’m thinking how I might use vvvv.

In short what I want to do is, load one of the air filter images and take colour values from one of the channels(this part I think i can do).
The second step would be to animate the position of the sample location starting the top left and moving right then stepping down a certain amount
then repeating until its at the end of the image.

I just wanted to put this out there and hear how you guys and gals would approach the second part of my idea.

you could do like this (23.2 kB)

Wow sunep you totally went and made a whole patch:) Have to say huge thanks for this it was exactly what I wanted to do.