Colortracking to music output

Hello, we are students and this is our first course in vvvv. We are facing some difficulties and we would be pleased if you could help us!

Our projects is about color tracking. When certain color is tracked, we want music to be played. We have three colors and three different music tracks. Every time each color is tracked we want a different song to play.

We have the patch of color tracking and it works perfectly, but we need help on how the music patch will be attached to it.

The patch is uploaded as it is so far.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Colortracking.rar (6.6 MB)

You are missing some subpatches for us. (video, colorselector, camera).

In Project3 you are really use the Switch totally wrong. Press F1 for the helpfile.

Anyway, I think, all you are really interested in is the “Is Tracked” slice, to start a music file. I wonder, what is it you like to do? Just play them or mix them? Do you got the Mixer (Bass) helpfile to work? Could be a cool way to mix songs there. Just add one more input with Herr Inspector (CTRL+I)

If you can post what you get from those slices, without forcing us to use a webcam and tracking whatever it is you are tracking, I am sure we can help with some logic for the mixer.

And add me to Skype if you like. (click on my name to see my Skype Account)