ColorTracker scaled values

I’m using the last vvvv version and the colorTracker module Scaled Values pin isn’t working. The x and y output values won’t change if I turn scaled values pin into 0 or 1. Is there any way to correct this or is it possible to edit the module?

helo filipe.

i just checked with the colortrackers helppatch and i cannot reproduce your problem. there the “scaled values” pin defaults to 1. when you set it to 0 you see in the renderer that x-values are now scaled. does the helppatch work for you?

With 9.1 version the colortracker module Scaled Values is ok, with 13.1 it’s not changing anything but I’ve solved the problem using Map module.

Another question

I’m trying to get velocity values from objects tracked by Colortracker module.
Any tip would be very nice :)

i’ve found the frame velocity module and seems ok, thanks