Colortrack to filestream - computer crashes

Hi everybody,

everytime I try to connect a colortrack-node with a filestream-node my system crashes badly. What I want to achive ist that the values of the colortracker influence the "timeline" of the video...

My system:
Pentium M 1600, 512RAM, ATI Mob Radeon 9000

Does anyone know a reason for that? Is my system to weak to do tracking and filestream?


i suggest you to try disabling all (DShow9) and all (Freeframe) nodes before connecting them.
but i’m not sure at all if that helps you.

are you setting the seekPosition of the filestream node? (Or what are you actually connecting?) Have you made sure you’re not feeding a spread into it but just a single value (it might be not spreadable)? Have you tried to send doSeek less often that on each frame? What codec do you use? does it work when you just send any fast-changing value like the mouseposition or similar?
And what does the crash look like?

Hi buds, nice to have you out there! I think I found the error. It was a wrong connected pin: I connected the “Preview” pin of the video in to the colortracker, which worked fine just for the color-tracking. But connecting it to the SeekTo pin of the file-texture made my computer shut down itself. Too silly mistake. Thanks for your help!! j