Coloring inside regions

Connections are colored according to the operation they are assigned to. So they are in if- and where-regions, but not in foreach and repeat. Why?

hi bjoern,

this is intentional because a loop or higher order region can have more than one operation inside itself. so how would they mix together with the colors of the enclosing operation?

some regions like an if or delegates can get the same color, but then again it isn’t be entirely correct because nobody really knows at what time the patch inside the regions gets called…

Mh sorry I still don’t get the distinction.

Anyways, I think what also could help to avoid confusion is giving Update a default (link-)color other than gray.

if the region has more than one operation inside it, like the loops which have a Create and Update for each iteration, they start a new color scheme. also with white as Create and Update as gray.

if it would be another color wouldn’t it lead to the same issues? or how do you think it would help?

Sorry again still no comprende.

Because now every loop looks the same and if it were assigned to Update.

Especially with bigger/nested regions I think it is confusing.

the core of the issue is that the loop has Create and Update. which color should the links/pins in Create of the loop have and which color should they have on Update of the loop?

your screenshots only show loops that do something on Update so in that case your suggestion works. but what should happen if you assign a node in the loop to Create?

and now imagine that for regions which have more operations than Create and Update

Ah now I see. But
Could you give an example when this really would apply?
In which cases one would need/want to do this?
The gray book doesn’t mention this or does it?

Looking through the girlpower I couldn’t find any example…

While going to the patches I found that sometimes the nodes inside a foreach seem not to be assigned (explicitly) or cannot be assigned via the menu. Could you please explain this as well?
Sorry again for being so obtuse.

i think the AIController node is a process node which cannot be assigned in general, which is unrelated to issue.
process nodes consist of two or more operations that get assigned by connecting the links.

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