Color problem with sliced secment

hey there, another nooby question …

i got a secment witch consists of 3 slices, it looks like a circle with 2 rings now, i also sliced the alpha value
over a hsl node.

but now i have some radial stripes over all 3 secments and not 3 secments with different transperencys. i changed the secment resolution and the stripes are changing as well.

there must be a context.

secment.v4p (10.6 kB)

The trick here is to use Resample(color) ;)

secment2.v4p (13.3 kB)

thanks a lot!

or use GridSegment instead:

secment3.v4p (10.7 kB)

ai! how did i manage to not know about GridSegment (DX9) until now? thank you tonfilm!

Hehehe, didn’t know that one too… Tx!