Color of money

i,m right now atvisualizar as colaboration and i was trying to get the color of some money notes , the aim is that when showing a note to the camera determine if the note it,s 10euros ,20,etc ,

i was trying with pipet and colortracking , but may be there is a the better way , i do not need x or y just a 1 when it sees the note , with pipet i get 2000 slices how do i get the average color ?

any suggestion will be helpfull


moneycolor.rar (3.2 kB)

i just found = color node from kalle , which really help a lot , i just need to get the mean now , i was trying converting color to string and this to value and then use mean node , but i,m having troubles to convert to value , do you think this would be thebest way ?

this version with help of kalle it is working ok , i bit cpu problem , and 10 euro notes are dificult to get because similar color to skin ,

still any idea toimprive welcome .


moneycolor_0.rar (23.5 kB)

i never went into the details of this node, but i somehow expect that the FreeFrame DetectObject node contains some very advanced algorithms for doing very similar things.

and it might also be possible to do fiducial-style money tracking with this node (which surely has some applications in the art field).

thank you for the tip oschatz