Color manipulation at pixel level


I want to manipulate the video coming in from a webcam at pixel level. At every frame every pixel’s color information should be changed individually. The output should be again a video.

I found “Pipet”. In Pipet’s help patch its output goes to a Color IOBox and besides, when I try to increase the number of analysed pixels from 2500 to 10000 (which is still quite low) performance greatly degraded.

In this is quite simple since at any given moment we have access to an array of pixels which contain their color info and can be manipulated freely.

How can I achieve something similar in Vvvv?

Hum… now I’m thinking… Is this what Freeframe filters are for?..


What kind of manipulation are you trying to do?
If its simply changing colours pixel shaders are the way to go, very fast at high resolutions. Freeframe will do so as well but slower.

Hi catweasel,

I want to slowing morph the output video based on a webcam input video. Not really a complex morph… more like a special cross-fader.

Actually I just came across Shaders and kind of got that idea also. I had heard about them but didn’t really understand what they were. They seem to be amazingly powerful. I’m looking forward to do it.

Thank you!



maybe this will help, or maybe not!

Thanks Desaxismundi, that is indeed an interesting thread. I am really just beginning with this shader business so all inputs are welcome to help me get familiar with these concepts.