Collapse Regions

How about making regions collapsible.

Alternatively having a function like ctrl+G in Beta where you encapsulated and created a new subpatch with whatever you have highlighted. In Gamma it could be a process node.

I think it would make patching much tidier


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Interesting thought, but what about everything else around that collapsed region?

I guess it is a bigger challenge when you have tidied up around a collapsed region and expands it again.

To me those are two different things: Creating a subpatch by selecting and pressing STRG+G
(yes please add this), but I think tebjan said it is already on the list.

And the “collapsing” feels like beta’s ALT+2 to me. I never understood the benefit of being able to peek inside a patch. makes sense if you use it to expose some control values in the patch and do not want to change the parent patch.

But I do not see the benefit in being able to collapse a region. When collapsed there would be a lot of empty space. Then I would move nodes in to fill those gaps. And what if I open up the region again? can’t see what’s underneath there…

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@schlonzo totally valid points, I was just airing the idea. but I totally miss the ctrl+G functionality when the patch gets too messy.
Then you could perhaps be prompted on what you want to put it in, Process node should probably be the default.

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