ColladaFile (Dae export from Blender) apply FileStream Texture (video)

Hello to everyone!
I was trying to add a texture to a collada file. I need to apply a video (Filestream) as texture to a mesh (ColladaFile). But the result for any *.dae is the same (see attached picture).

Any suggestion?
Is there also a DX11 workflow for Collada files? Thanks

P.S. Standard VVVV Teapot node is working fine…

sure you have texture coordinates in that mesh?
not sure about blender, but try to put a texture on the mesh there and then export.
maybe need to select a texture mapping like cube or uv in blender first.

Thanks. I’m not a 3D expert. I’ll try what you suggested and i’ll give you feedback. Meanwhile i used a Cylinder Geometry node to model the shape directly in VVVV.

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