Collada woes

Are there guides somewhere on how to prepare 3d-stuff for vvvv? What to watch out for? Maybe even Blender specific? Because argh.
And now, even though I “solved” most of the problems, I am left with this:

… where a LinearSpread on hsv Value reveals the order of the meshes - being all over the place. Is there a way to resort them?

Ah, screw this.
Blender 2.7+ → export to .x → every object a single mesh → spread into XFile.

actully Maya is best for that, since u can changw order in scene outliner, will give u exactly same order as u need, blender collada dosn’t really work for some reason, i still use obj most cases

if you want to have an order of stuff in your 3D scene you can give them a sequential name (with a prefix or a suffix) and process their names using assimp Node node. in your case getslice your meshes based on a sort’s former slice. watch out as a node can have multiple meshes, check that with the binsize of the mesh id coming from assimp node. i suggest using dx11 assimp nodes as they are the most maintained 3d importers in vvvv