Collada Source Id

hello! was sorting out subset hell in collada again
founded really nicely look strings:

<geometry id="geom-Komponovka" name="Komponovka">
<source id="geom-Komponovka">

would love to extract that info!

after that decided to go pluginspecs to check on anything on collada loader but did’t founded…

couple of bugs happening all the time with collada:

  • first import mesh gets upside down (cord sys change to LeftHanded back to RH helps)
  • index pin just did’t make it on big meshes… (hehe that one proper fun)

hehe as ussual fcked…
Elias help help help!
we need you ;]

good news
cheap loader can’t load 1,5 gig file and i did’t do animations yet
need only 5 like that… 3.5k subsets (that was smallest one hehe ;])