COLLADA skinning 4 influences limit

Hi all,
i have a problem related to the plugin collada. I’m tring to import correctly this dae.
The problem is that many vertices are influenced by more than 4 bones, and for that reason (i think) the mesh is not welldeformed when the animation run.
so i ask if is possible to rise up this 4 influences limit?

hi screamer,
sorry for the late reply. i strongly doubt you need more than 4 influences per vertex. how did you export your model out of 3d studio? with the native tools shipped with 3d studio or the OpenCollada plugin like it is described here?

if it doesn’t work with OpenCOLLADA either send me the 3ds file please and i’ll have a look at it.

hi elias,
i’m using the colladamax exporter for 3dsmax 9, and i have tried all the possible way. anyway i’m using the collada importer you wrote from when you published it, without problems. But in this case the scene is more complicated, and the vertexes influencies can’t be only 4. Anyway here you can find the 3dsmax source, hope you can help me

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ok, i fixed it. problem was that if a skinned mesh used more than 4 influences per vertex (like yours), i sorted those influences in the wrong order. so instead of the 4 most important influences the 4 least important were used yielding to such strange results like in your case.

you either obtain the newest version of this plugin via subversion or you wait for the next addon pack (which should be released by the end of the week).
thx again for reporting this and sorry for the long delay in fixing it (had some troubles installing 3d studio over the weekend).

i confirm, now it works like a charme, thx again for the bugfixing and for the fantastic plugin ;)))
great work!!