Collada node missing

hi guys,

first iam new to vvvv, and here is my problem:

i want to import my own model to vvvv.

to do this, i downloaded the newest addonpack.

when i open a new patch and insert a new “colladafile” node, there is no collada node. but in the pluginfolder is the colladaFile-node.

and when i am looking in the nodefile.xml, there is no entry for colladafile.

what iam doing wrong?

thx 4 ur help :)

The collada nodes come with the core download - no addonpack needed. So have a look in lib/nodes/nodelist.xml, can you find it there? Did you by accident play with search paths in your root.v4p which lies beside the vvvv.exe? In any case try to re-download vvvv, extract it to a different folder and see if the nodes show up.

after i redownloaded vvvv and started it without the addonpack, it shows up.

thx alot :)