Collada model not showing on shaders


I’m having some trouble loading a collada file on vvvv. I exported the model from Maya using the openCOLLADA plugin. The model loads fine using the DrawFixed node, but as soon as I try it with any shader (PhongDirectional, GouraudDirectional), it becomes invisible in the render window.

I believe that the model is missing information and that it must be fixed before (or during) exporting, but I’m not sure what it is. Any ideas?

Any help would be much appreciated!

vvvv screencaps and the model go attached. (1.6 MB)

u need make sure u have UV and normals on ur model

It works here…

hey all! thanks so much for the feedback. I was particularly intrigued by dannielmach`s reply. are you using the colladafile help patch with no modifications? if not, could you tell me what did you change? I tried fiddling around with it but it didn’t work

now I’m wondering if the problem has something to do with the version of vvvv I`m using (45beta28) or even the machine (a centrino laptop with windows vista). (other than that, the shaders work fine)

hey! I manage to make it work after all. all I had to do was to change the “technique” pin in the shader to the option ending in “FF” (which I believe corresponds to “fixed function”?)

thanks everyone for the help and support =)

ping?.. no text …

yep, it works with the unmodified helppatch of ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry). only the model is rather small so you’ll have to tweak the value on the UniformScale a bit to see it.

and also you shouldn’t be using beta28 anymore for a lot of reasons: change log

thanks, all!

sadly, beta34.1 doesn’t run on the machine I have, so I got the most popular, previous stable release. if anyone as any suggestion of a better previous vvvv release, I’m all ears =)

what kind of machine do you have that latest vvvv doesn’t run for you? what seems to be the problem?

it just doesn’t. neither the setup.exe nor the vvvv.exe run, giving a generic “could not run” error message

the machine is an old sony vaio laptop with win vista, 1.5ghz centrino processor, 2gb ram, intel 965 graphics. it is very messed, so it’s probably the machine’s fault anyway =)

@b2kn strange that not even setup.exe would run. please try running
setup.exe /log
and upload the resulting setup.log file placed next to setup.exe in a new thread.