Collada > cinema4d bones export

Hi guys, I’m exploring the really cool features that the Collada plugin offers. Awesome. I managed to export some nice keyframe based animations and a quite good uv handling/ texturing out of cinema 4d.
Has anyone experience with bones export from cinema 4d to collada? When I import astroBoy_walk.dae into cinema everything seems perfect but exporting the model with bone structure leeds to error or not loading the file.
Without bones it’s cool so it’s in the bone setup.
Can anyone share Cinema4d related knowledge about this issue?

Also I get a bug that i must recreate the ColladaFile node manually and reconnect the file i want to load everytime I open the patch. CreateNode doesn’t help. I need to create the node, then connect the file I want to load each time.

build an oldschool bones setup in cinema. export to collada doesn’t export animation. tried the newschool cinema joint based setup but animation doesn’t export either…no skinning transforms are found by the vvvv plugin.

any success anyone from cinema?
cheers jannis

it’s not gonna work
it’s suppa bitchy stuff works only with maya

well, one could also argue that maya is superbitchy in itself… :D

after years of 3ds, i like maya much better. The way it organaised seems like more logical to me, and if you have something fkd up you prob can treat it only in there. Had really nice crash course coupple of month ago, lern maya for one week ;] now i can even rig

I’ve been using maya and max for years. For smaller projects max is just soooo much more faster/convenient imho. (just works 99% of the time)
There’s just way too many broken/deprecated things in maya standard config. Now if you’re in a big studio with a megacomplex asset-/production pipeline that’s a different story. (no problem if you have enough pipeline-/toolcoders at hand)
still if you ask me xsi is teh future…
your mileage may ofcourse vary ;)

I would agree with m4d here, even though I work primarily in Maya, I faced great difficulties exporting from maya to collada and make it work in vvvv.

I ended up exporting animations from maya to fbx, importing the fbx to max and then export from max to collada.

Then my files magically worked.

I was using the opencollada plugin for both maya (which worked just for static models) and max (worked for both static and bone-driven animations)

In Maya 2012, Autodesk upgraded the collada/fbx exporter.
I didn’t try to export joint hierarchy whith skinned geometry, but seems all other stuff work really nice with Collada Plugin in VVVV.

Give it a chance


i also have some problems in exporting files from cinema (collada) to vvvv. The keyframe animation is exported right, but i also did some other stuff which i do not see in the collada file. i uploaded the vvvv, cinema and collada file.By importing the collada in cinema again some animation is missing. I tried it in vvvv but also does not work…i read about a programm cuppucino for cinema to bake my animations in keyframes, but this was also a one-way road…

I would be greatful if someobe could help me, thx

cheers Simon

vvvv_cinema_help.rar (196.2 kB)