Collada bones CharacterAnimation

Hello guys ,

i,m trying to do with a friend a model that can be animated by giving values in vvvv ,

my friend is got a human model mesh with bones ,so the idea is to move arms and human joins with vvvv values . we are quite lost in that ,as far as i know collada its the right way to import that mesh into vvvv for animating it ?

but in which way would he have to export the collada using 3dmax or if not other similar app ?

in vvvv how could a affect those bones ? so far i tried the astroBoy_walk.dae file in which there is a guy walking , the only parameter i see is time for manipulate the animation ,

which nodes will affect on bones etc using collada ?

we apreciate your help as we are pretty lost right now .

regars ;D

check this site: Diploma.CharacterAnimation

thanks tonfilm for quick reply , i read quite a few of it this evening it is awesome need to read a bit more , althouhg i was a bit confused , in this great tut

i see how to create the cube creature . i read in other parts that character can be done with collada ,

and i think i have to use that as we want to load an external mesh which has bones , our problem is that we do not know how exacly to export the mesh in a proper .dae so then i can manipulate the joints in vvvv ,and once we get the proper mesh which nodes to use ?

are there any other proper ways using .x files

hi colorsound,
here’s an edited version of the astroboy example which shows, how to manipulate a skinned character loaded from a collada file (note the nervous, quirky movement of the left elbow).

The Skeleton (Skeleton Collada) node outputs the needed skeleton data, which can be manipulated using the tutorial you mentioned.

Concerning the export: I don’t know the exact steps of exporting Collada files including skinning + bones, but according to the Collada Wiki page it should be kind of straight forward. (287.8 kB)

Exporting .dae files really depends on your 3d soft and the plug you’d use.

Any luck around with Blender or c4d?

Great sagishi ,working nicely , thanks guys

You can also find a usefull tutorial on the following address for your reference.


i only have experience with exporting skinned .dae’s from blender - has been working without changing any settings since the 2.5 alphas.


when i open your file from the Collada+Skeleton the mesh is ripped out of shape somehow:

what could be the problem ?

PS: other than that everything works …

here is just a fixed version of the patch provided by sagishi above. (265.2 kB)