Collada Animation -> VVVV


iam just trying to get Animations made in 3D Max into VVVV.

I already installed OpenCollada for Export.

“Easy” Transformations like Translation along an Axis is possible to run in VVVV.

But when i try to get something like Extrude or Stuff like that i dont get the Animation running in VVVV.

Searched the Forum but did not found something.

Any idea?


Hi, what you’re looking for is called Point Level Animation.
Did some research a few weeks ago, seems like Collada Plugin doesn’t support it, or even Collada in general, forgot about the specifications …

Everything I got successfully exported to vvvv were bones and simple transformations, as you already mentioned.

Maybe @Elias can shed some light on this.

Ah okay thats the PLA stuff everbody is talking about :).

Hmmmm okay then this thread makes more sense ( ) even if there is no animation like extrude or something…!

I tried it with keyframing everything as well but it did not work.