COLLADA 60bones limit

hi, yes it’s me again. Then finally elias resolved my problem about the 4infulences per vertex limit, but in the meantime i continued modeling my character. My problem now is that every character has a number of bones greater than 60 (something like 85).
there is a way to have a collada version with no limits (or with a greater limit)?
thx in advance ;)

here is a zip with the collada and the 3dsmax project and the textures.

the 60 bones is a hardware limitation. in hlsl shader version 3 you can define at least 256 float4 constants. 60 bones = 60 matrices = 60 * 4 float4 constants = 240.
i’ve a geforce 285 gtx and it also supports not more than 256.

the way to go would be to make use of the directx function ConvertToIndexedBlendedMesh in the collada loader. this function would divide the mesh in subsets, where each subset would use a fixed size matrix palette. as of now that’s not that easy to implement.

thank you for the quick answer elias, i try to simplify the models