Collaboration proposal for music visualization

Hi everybody,

I’m a dub musician from the Netherlands. I have some ideas for a music visualization style based on abstract painting or actually colorfield painting. I’d like to have something like this for videos or for live use (vj/dj).

I’m interested in collaborating with a visual artist with programming skills (mine are very limited) who’s into music visualization using and processing lots of detailed data extracted from music.

For example:

  • a track split up in 10 layers of octaves, ranging from 32 Hz to 16.000 Hz and each layer providing input/data (via extreme filtering, fft analysis or something like that)

  • a track split up in multiple parts like drums, bas, other sounds etc. providing input/data

  • do the same thing but based on midi tracks

I’m not thinking in terms of a choreography of different kinds of visual objects moving to the rhythm of a beat. I’ve added some images to give a very rough idea, the goal would be to have music and sound intensify each other but with a fairly minimalist or possibly an almost subliminal approach.

I do dub music in the broadest sense. Experimental but also ‘classic’ dub. If you want to hear examples you can download lots of tracks at

If ur interested or have a question or if you know somebody who is trying to do similar things please contact me here or via email.

Thanks for checking this out and greetings!