CodeBlocks and Freeframe

Hi guys,

Im trying my first steps with Freeframe-programming (guess there will be some more questions soon).

And its going to be a very hard start as I cant get a sample code (contour plugin) compiled. Codeblocks’ compiler (the build-in Mingw) cant find two openCV includes. I already have installed OpenCV onto my pc. I asked in Codeblocks forum either, but it seems to be a too silly question for them.

-Do some of you guys know, where I have to change settings for finding my OpenCv includes or folder?


Okay, I finally found it by try and error.
Its at Compiler and Debugger settings>Search Dirs>Compiler and you have to name every subdirectory by hand.

thanks for pointing at this. i updated the information on: HowTo FreeFramePlugins.