Code editor refresh on file change

1 - Is there a way to make the v4 code editor update if the cs file has been changed elsewhere?

The only way I can make this happen currently is by restarting v4. Even ctrl+r or deleting + reopening the cs file does not work!

2 - can this happen automatically like other editors do?

This makes using VS with dynamic pluins a pain. I should be able to attach to process, debug, detach, edit (in VS), attach etc

have you tried alt+rightclicking the node/plugin?
works for me, this way you force the dynamic plugin to recompile.
no need to have the vvvv code editor open at the same time.

Doesn’t work for me

b33.7 x64

What are you using?

Like I said, even if I delete then remake the plugin node the old code is there…

The editor will show a reload button now when the file was modified by an external program. Check latest alpha.

Thanks Elias!

Tested and working in both hlsl and plugin code editor.

Note that if the code editor is closed it’s still not possible to get the plugin to sync unless v4 is restarted (or another change is made with the editor open). This isn’t a massive issue.

How about a command line argument to enable auto reload? sexy