Code Editor does not open

just had a go with the latest version of the sdk from github, and found that for some reason I cannot open the code of any dynamic plugin or shader.

is someone else seeing this?

confirm, also might be relevant here cloning is strange too:
1.: doesn’t rename .cs file
2.: doesn’t rename the node class (only the plugininfo)
workaround for the editor: it opens from the project explorer (ctrl+j)
workaround for the cloning: manually renaming files and source references in project then reload it while crossing fingers.
effects cloning works both for dx9 and dx11

thanks for reporting, not good… we are investigating. but might take some days until resonate festival is over.

also forgot: AssemblyName in csproj is not renamed either

Somehow a dependency on log4net didn’t make it into the final zip file anymore. Should work again. Thx.