Code editor completion broken, RC5

Another one:

Dynamic plugins code completion is badly broken.

Doesn’t pick any reference anymore, so basically can’t access any property or other plugin interfaces…
Just an example from a fresh cloned template:

Also can please mouse wheel be attached to completion window, so we can scroll results when they are back?

it’s unspecific to rc5, has been like this a while.
my guess is, since nugets, since i tried to debug it with vvvv-sdk and the completion worked just fine.

can you confirm, that it’s only broken for internal references? remember that code completion works once you refernce some external dll.

Adding external references works (as it compiles), but completion is broken for those references as well.

Indeed the code completion needs some love but I fear there’s no time anymore to do it for the beta35.7 release. Issue is tracked and set for the release after node. Thanks for the report.

Culprit was a missing Mono.Cecil.dll - got deleted during a nuget upgrade/cleanup a few weeks before the beta35 release. Restored it, code completion seems to work again - check latest alpha build please.

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@Elias Make a 35.8 release just with that, quite worth it :)

Well that’s the plan…

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Well looks like those assemblies got lost again with beta39 and later releases. Restored them and should be back in upcoming builds.