"code doctor"/freelancer wanted for a university project


If you have the time or capacity to supervise a university project in Weimar, we need your help! We are an interdisciplinary team of students from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, reaching out for professional support on a Bauhaus100 project — a “discourse visualization” machine in collaboration with professors and researchers in computer science and media theory. The project is scheduled for Bauhaus100 in 2019, but the development process is at full speed.

So far the project goes well in terms of architectural planning, content development, electro-acoustic composition, data mining and interaction design. In terms of visualization & integration in vvvv, however, we are falling short of help! As intermediate patcher, we would really like to ask whether any of you might be willing to support us in terms of debugging, software architecture/project development advice, and so on.

Some questions for you: how much would you charge per day/week for such kind of job? Could you support us in VL? Would it be possible to invite you over to Weimar? And for the core vvvv-team, would this be an interesting occassion to promote vvvv in Weimar?

attached is a screenshot of anearlier prototype i did… look forward to any of your thoughts!

kaman, (student, dual master degree programme in media architecture) (ka.man.lam@uni-weimar.de)
also on behalf of projector coordinator, Dr. Sabine Zierold (sabine.zierold@uni-weimar.de )

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