CNTR + Z not working correctly

Since a long time I wanted to report this bugger.

Since one year I realize that often CTRL + Z in vvvv is not working realy well.

For example I have a parameter on 0.
I change it to something else.
I make CTRL + Z.
The value is 0.3

I think it is a little bit unacceptable in some situations where you have to work precicely.
With 0 its not a problem but if you have another arbitary initial value you are in danger to not find it again if it set backs the wrong value.
For example 4.61 and you dont look at it carefully and it makes 4.74 out of it and tihngs look different but you have no change to get the same setting again.

Any one else?

and dont ask me to reproduce it in a patch of course i can not send a patch it just happens from time to time

to me it seems like this behavior occur when you move the values what can be perceived like more times in a row by the system. have you tried pressing ctrl+z additional times?

yes i was also thinking that but sometimes it is more wired then that.
for exampe just now it happend.

i change the camera distance form 1 to 5.
i make cntrl + z
it stays at 5 and continues makeing previous step backs.
previous camera state (1) was basically just ignored by the ‘event logger’ or what ever is responsible for that.

so that can not realy be the frame missing case.

hm…i’d like to hear more about that because i’ve never experienced such. anyone else?

Hey joreg! it could also be that it is happening in low fps situations?