Cloud points inside a shape

hello everybody,
i’m lost in the geometry nodes…:)

i’m trying to fill the inside of a 2D shape (created with contour) with a uniform cloud of points
i’ve tested with vector2points & delaunay nodes
but without success…
do i need to use the x y bounds of the shape
and add points with linearspread…
i’m sure there’s a more elegant/simple way to do this!!!

can you attach some patch?

there is the lovely bound.node ;)

quadShape.v4p (12.4 kB)

thanks for your example frank
i’ll try to adapt it to an irregular / non quad shape

I hacked the contour plugin a little ;D
Its actually just setting a flag to -1 in CV_drawContour function to fill it. But its Red color only. Im still in C++ beginning (since a year now, its so complicated). Anyway if you set showContour to 1 and Thickness to 0, then its filled red. (124.1 kB)

Perhaps use the ApplyTransform node? Once again, example patch of your ‘custom’ shape really helps.

sorry i don’t get it to work
except with a pipet workaround
see attached patch

inside shape.rar (6.5 kB)