Cloud - particles portrait

Hi guys,
I’d love to have a point cloud-particles effect with a live camera input. This is kind of what I have in mind :

Any ideas how to achieve this ??
My best try was patching around with Realsense Point cloud + fuse particles but I can’t enhance much of the particles amount then it stopped working (even though machine performance seems ok)

Thanks in advanced!
testFuseParticles_post.vl (74.3 KB)


some thoughts:

check for actual depth resolution of realsense. idk if really 1080?
lower decimation filter, I believe 1 vor 1:1 resolution.
use simpler geometry for particles, test with sprites.
Crop with threshold for even fewer particles

This effect could be enhanced with 2d pixelshaders.
Use fewer and larger 3D particles to “place the colour in space”.
Then use postfx to do this noisy granular desintegration.

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