Cloth simulation


I would like to simulate something like a curtain that is pushed aside, to reveal what’s behind it. Does anyone know of the best nodes that I could use for this task?

I was thinking about some physics nodes that support ‘links’ between bodies, so that you can create something like a ‘net’, and which can be used for texture mapping afterwards.

Or does vvvv currently lack the tools to do that? In that case, what libraries could be looked into to help me with this (so I can program a specific dynamic plugin if needed)?

Thanks for your ideas.

see the soft patch example in vuxens bulletphysics implementation in addonpack271/girlpower

Depending on the context it could also make sense to bake the cloth animations into an animated mesh using your favourite 3d package. This would have the benefit of having more control over the initial clothsim and knowing that it’ll just look right, no matter what…

Thanks ggml, that will definitely get me started.