Closing Inspector/Inspektor

Doing my Herr Inspector Youtube tutorial I noticed I have no idea on how to close one. Any one can tell me the shortcut?

Also, I noticed that when you create one via the menu, it says InspeCtor, but on the inspector itself it says InspeKtor. Picking one name might be easier for search engines ;)

select inspektor and press CTRL + W

from what i know, inspektor is the official name, i would also rename the tutorial video.

ctrl + w closes any vvvvindow btw.

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thanks west, great find. with things like those finally fixed, we’re getting closer to a 1.0 release candidate…

Speaking of the inspektor, I have experienced quite often that it “dies” after some time… not a huge problem you can just make a fresh one. It is most often the renderers that “kills” the inspektor.
by dieing I mean that it does not show the contents of the node selected. It does show the name, but there are no parameters being showed.

jap. still looking for a way to reproduce this. have you got one?


nop, I will keep it in mind when it happens next time and see if there is a certain way of reproducing it.

CTRL-W is even in the main F1 helppatch, how could I miss that!!

I renamed the tutorial, form now on I will spell it with a K (and let my spelling checker bitch about it)

@Joreg, I got it a few times on video doing my tutorials, but I really didn’t do anything special, and there was no renderer present at the time.

infamous dying inspektor may be fixed for beta>21.

Wow, that would be ace :)

The reason I asked this btw, is that when you have the inspeKtor active to change a node, the middle mouse button doesn’t seem to open the menu. But don’t change this, we need that mousewheel for scrolling!!