Cloned VL template doesn't have the right category

With b35.2_x64, when cloning a VL Stateless template, the cloned node doesn’t appear in the patch and its Category stays Value, even if I specified something else.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Create and save a new patch
  2. Clone a VL Stateless template with Name = whatever, Category = 3d, version = VL
  3. Press enter, the Clone window closes and there’s still nothing in the patch
  4. Create the node manually (it appears in the nodebrowser), its category is Value
  5. Open the VL Editor, the region is called Whatever (VL) and the box on the left says Group [VVVV.Value]

On the other hand, b35_x64 shows normal behavior.

thanks for the report. fixed.

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