Clone FX not working b32.1

Hi All

Today I tried cloning a constant (EX9.Effect) but I could not, the clone menu came up, but I could not press clone. I am on beta 32.1. I tried cloning a template with same missing result.


in order for the clone-button to be active you need to have specified a unique node-name and directory to save to.

And no spaces in the name too I think?

but I seem to recall that at one point in time, it automagically made a folder next to the patch where it was saved. did this change?

It will create an fx folder in the folder you specify I believe, you just need to give it the root of the project folder.

if the patch you do the clone in is already saved the directory in the Clone-Dialog is already filled out.

hmm, not sure what I did before, now it’s working