Clipper lib (not actively developed, please take over or use for inspiration/discussion of 2d nodes)

In response to the recent Clipper library screenshots I posted this: but it doesn’t seem to show up on Front page and might go unnoticed (I guess I forgot to click the “use image as header” box?).

Believe I first started this to be able to create files for laser cutting in VVVV along with a a crude plug-in to export .dxf files (using netDxf) .

Also interesting for other 2d-geometry/SVG operations.


I’m not aware what’s currently possible with the 2D and Skia nodes in VL but since someone else seems to be working with the Clipper library in VL maybe it’s worth having a combined discussions on creating some nice set of 2D operation nodes.

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dear beyon,

didnt even know that there was allready a clipper implementation! so cool. the clipper vl version is just a little tryout by me to get into vl and how to work with imported dll, its far from being a complete node set. atm im struggling to get execute working, as i somehow cannot create the required types for its input and also i dont understand how can get values back from the clipper type in vl.

offset was dead easy to implent in vl. i will check your c sharp codebase to see if it helps me to implement the same functionality in vl

maybe we can talk via messenger?

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