Clear not evaluating warning wanted

I have on more than one occasion been spending quite some time and been quite confused because I had set a patch to not be evaluated.

A clear highlighting, eg. greying out of the nodes in the sub patch, a different background color or something other, would really help letting you know if a sub patch is set to not evaluate.

i couldn’t agree more

a little hint already existing is when you hover input pins of a nodes in a disabled subpatch you get a red round cursor. see?

Apparently it is not enough…

i’ve been there.


Setting patches to “do not evaluate” via Inspektor is just bad patching style imho.

if the patch is closed yes it’s as easy as in your pic.

if you have that patch open and it is programatically disabled in the background while you work in it though it can be a bit strange.

+1 I know I’ve scanned a sub patch for ages looking for faulty logic when exactly this was the case. Even some indicator in the title bar would be helpful, like when a patch is locked

How about graying the node out somehow, like with the red nodes, just greyer

check latest alpha for this behavior:

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Like!.. no text …

thanks! :)

cool beans. Thanks

How elegant. Great thanks I am sure this will same quite some time.