Cleanup/Consolidate Patch

Hi all!

Is there a way to consolidate a patch once you call it finished? So everything not used in the patch and it’s subpatches gets deleted from the harddrive? Or save a bare minimum version of vvvv with just the stuff needed for this patch?
I just want to have all of the not nescessary stuff removed from the program folders for easier deployment. Is this possible?


This is on my wish-list too, the trouble was when I asked, they said it could be hard for dynamic patch switching.

But if they just said: look it works, except for dynamic patch switching… I would be sooo happy.

um, how would that look like? i mean the cleaning up…

since you can dragndrop effects, plugins, patches from anywhere on your drive. what should be cleaned out without danger of wiping your system?

or should it just delete the unused stuff from the addonpack and v4 install?

Reading it back, we where dreaming of different things.

The problem I always HAD was that I used patches and modules all over the place from my harddrive, and textures, also some modules and helpfiles I modified and saved, I know, I shouldn’t.

So just a simple function that copies all those files and modules to my main folder where my main patch is in. Nothing deleted or moved, just copied.

So I can take that folder and share it, so it works on any computer.

But I know it result in trouble when you use textures from folders and pick them via a getslice/string thingy.

Yes, the copy option would be the way to go, I think. And if something fails due to dynamic loading we could just fix it by hand.