Circular Spread + Camera - Order


i have a problem by using a circular spread in combination with the camera node. Something is wrong with the order of the individual elements in the foreground and background. Sometimes the order is correct but mostly it is wrong. (4.2 KB)

You need to enable the Depthbuffer.

thank you, it works

but if i add a background layer, this layer always at the top, although the group order is the other way round (4.5 KB)

use the FullscreenQuad for that and connect it to the layer before the 3d content:


you can also check how it is done inside, using the ZWriteEnable node, which prevents the quad from writing into the depth buffer.

basically it works fine, but if I put three quads on top of each other, I get picture errors (black stripes). what is the cause for this and is there a solution to the problem (7.3 KB)

this is a depth error, in this case only slight offset by Z coord would (11.2 KB)

Is this just a DX9 problem, I tested it with the DX11 renderer and it looked like it would not be there.

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