Circular activation

I know this is a really simple question but…
i have a circular activation patch
all my jpg’s go around in a circle
but instead i want to not make them go in a circle but hover around them so I want the circular motion to go from left to right so it looks like its hoovering.
does this make sense?

do you mean you want them to hover in a circle around the viewer?

circles.v4p (6.8 kB)

can´t download diki´s patch so maybe it does the same.

dock.v4p (8.1 kB)

i also always have issues only with dikis files.

i always upload them to the wiki, i’ve really got no idea why it does not work. this problem is rather annoying, maybe i should file a bug report…

anyway, this is on a university-server: circles.v4p

i hate to post things from outside of the wiki in the forum; when someone comes looking for them in 6 months, they’re probably gone :(

not so much go in circle
my patch already does this
what i want to do is more similiar to bjoern’s examle
except that i don’t want to control with the mouse i want it to do this type animation itself.
I’ll have a go with bjoern’s patch

this is a smaple of my patch
but instead of them going around in a circle like this
i want them to hover from left to right but i want the spread still to be circular

circularactivation2.v4p (72.4 kB)

got it!.. no text …

dock.v4p (8.2 kB)

ah, i see.

if you change the factor-pin of the circularspread back to 1, it stops acting funny with different spreadcounts. also, see here for info on view / projection transformation.

hey diki
here it is

CircularPics.v4p (40.9 kB)
SelectActivation.v4p (6.9 kB)

Hm, I don’t know if I understood your patch completely, but this might be what you’re after: (6.1 kB)

that’s cool!
I just wanted the circles to do the same effect.
It’s just a small part of a rather big patch
thnanks for the help