Cinetix usb dmx patch question

hi ms berger

today i tested your cinetix usbdmx binsend patch with lots of pwm modulated leds.
it works great exept on channel 1. the led on this channel doesnt react.

i think it have to do with the two (empty) strings which are added to the first commands, when i disconnect the to wires in the final add node channel 1 works fine… my description is a bit unclear due my bad english but have a look on my modified patch…

im wondering that it still works anyway :)

ele meier

VVVVery strange !

channel one here is working if I am using vvvv_33beta7.4, but it is not working using vvvv_33beta8 ???

elemeier - can you please check if its working with the old vvvv_33beta7.4 on your system ?

I have to have closer look into this !
Any ideas out there ?


i can’t check this 'cause elemeiers file is empty.
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attachment cinetix_usbdmx_binsend_040921 (Devices) modified.v4p (40.18 Kb)

elemeiers file is not empty !?

… but meanwhile I found out what is different between 7.4 and 8 that makes the patch not working:

In 7.4 the result of adding empty/illegal spreads of strings with Add(String Spectral) still was empty/illegal. To validate this spread I used Count (String) that outputted 0 if the spread was illegal.
In 8 the result of adding this spreads changed to “(empty)” - the result of count changed to one - and the patch was of course not working any longer.

Attached you find a new cinetix_usbdmx_binsend modified for vvvv_33beta8.

VVVVDevs: Why was this changed for Add (String Spectral) and not also changed for Add (String) ? If you are adding illegal/empty Spreads with Add (String) the output still is illegal/empty !? This change and especially the different behaviour does not make much sense for me ?


In 7.4 I the result of adding empty/illegal spreads of strings with Add (String Spectral) still was empty/illegal.
In 8 the result of adding this spreads changed to “(empty)” - the result of count changed to one - and the patch was of course not working any longer.

sounds like a serious kind of bug. we´ll investigate this…

it is a bug! that’s for shure. (because the “(empty)” string on the output makes no sense. instead it should output an empty string: “”.
i really think the correct behaviour would be to still output one slice (so that an empty spread as input is nothing special) but the slice only holds an empty string.
the Count (String) can still be used with the input: if the input spread is empty (count=0) do something special.
i think we should avoid nodes generating empty spreads and this example can turn an empty spread into a spread containing one slice. i think this is something positive.

“a”+“b”+“c” = “abc”
“a”+“b” = “ab”
“a” = “a”
no opertation = “”

if binsize = -1 always output one slice
all other spectral nodes should also work like this and output the neutral element (in case of * (Value Spectral) = 1; in case of + (Value Spectral) = 0 …)


hello msberger,
i am looking for a usb dmx box which is able to send and receive signals at the same time. i recognized your patches for the cinetix box and read on their website:
“The USB / DMX Control Box is able to simultaneously receive a signal at DMX IN and transmit a different signal via DMX OUT.”
does it work like this in vvvv with your patches?
all other interfaces i found either send or receive (currently i use enttec dmx usb pro).
thanks in advance! cheers, armin

huhhh … these patches are vvvvery old … i hardly can remember …

These patches are only for in or out, not both at the same time … and these patches have always been buggy, please do not rely on them.

These days i would always choose artnet interfaces instead of any USB-DMX interface. And with two relatively cheap Enttec ODEs you should be able to do simultaneous in and out on different universes.