Chrome renderer


i have some questions regarding the chrome renderer (which i really like).

will it be possible to change the format and/or mipmap settings in future releases?

how do i know if my content is larger than my settings in the width/height pins?

thank you.

I’m a bit confused, is this a new alpha feature or something in vvvv.js or are you just referring to Renderer (EX9)?

Comes with latest alpha.

oh sorry, i just forgot it is not part of the beta up to now. so, um, imagine it is in the alpha forum…

  1. sounds easy enough.
  2. is it possible to solve this question in javascript? if so it will be possible once the renderer can output javascript variables.

1, :)

2, hm? my javascript knowledge is like NIL. so i have to ask someone(to AvoidNIL), but let me explain:

i am pasting some text into my html and generate a texture with the chrome renderer. i only have the amount of text(words, letters)and my css(with different scaling and line heights…). i dont know how to calculate the final dimension of the texture?

so one solution could be to have an option like “fit height” to auto-generate the perfect height of the texture depending the amount of content in the html.
or to have a kind of information (like: “final height: 1.5”) which explains me how far i have to scroll to show the complete content in my preferred window(width-height-inputpins)


i fear fit height won’t be an option. i have to tell chromium how large its render size is. can’t say that it should figure it out itself. think of it like your browser. it doesn’t have an option to fit the window to the content either.
but i’d imagine that returning the final height of the div enclosing your text should be possible with javascript. but for that we need of course support to read out javascript variables.

Assuming JavaScript functionality at some point, these are some examples: