Choose what to open when right-clicking process nodes

From beta I have muscle memory to open a render window by right clicking the renderer nodes. In gamma i can not do that, if I select open, I open the process patch. I have to hover the gamma icon in the task bar of windows and then select the desired window.

I can imagine this being a problem if you have multiple render windows and you need to know which one is attached to the specific renderer.

Would it be possible to define the behavior of a process patch such that when right clicking RenderWindow [Stride] it would open the render window. Then CTRL+Right Click could open the menu where you can do the settings etc. (Which btw should be done in an inspektor IMHO). I can imagine this having other practical uses as well.


at the moment there are no plans to change this behavior, not that if you have a Window node in a loop, it isnt clear what window to open, the first slice? the last slice?

however, it works the other way around, if a window is selected, press ctrl+the button above tab to hightlight the node in the patch.

it doesn’t really work for me. Maybe it is my keyboard layout:

It also didn’t work for me in a patch lately, I was asking about it in the matrix chat.
Ctrl+^ didn’t help me spot a rogue SceneWindow in another Application patch.
Just tested in 2021.4.5 on a German keyboard (even in a clean new patch).

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