Cheap s-video mixer?

a box with two inputs and faders would be ok, anyone who knows a good/cheap one?

the cheapiest video mixer on the market is this one

after there is the krossfour from korg ±700euros
the v4 from edirol ±900 euro

and you can find some panasonic ave5 on ebay for ±200euro

thanx, quite expensive though, is it hard to build one?

the big difference with an audio mixer
is that the 2 video framerate must be synchronise , and it´s the big problem

i have a panasonic ave5. got mine via ebay for 200 €…so sanch is right. the quality isn’t great but if u need a cheap one, this is probably the best option.

how about an external graphic card with multiple inputs? the reason is that we want to mix video from two computers or more. maybe it’s possible to stream the data from one computer over firewire or something and mix it in vvvv.

although there are mny video cards with multiple inputs, i dont know of any video input cards, which can digitize two video inputs at the same time. but you can easily plug e.g two Hauppauge ImpactVCB cards into one computer, and can mix the sources with a simple patch.

beware the latency, bandwidth and deinterlacing issues, described elsewhere in this forum. if you stick with half Video resolution you can do basically anything you want really simple on almost any machine. higher resolutions are definately worth trying.

I’m using an external usb2 capture device (aprox 60€) to get the signal from another laptop into mine. maybe the cheapest method if there’s only two laptop sources

edit: hehe, was posting at the same time as oschatz

woei: which brand are you using, any recommendations? would be good if it works on both mac and pc

i’m using “Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator (F5U228et)” but i’m not too happy with it since it’s not doing constant 25fps at 720x576…

hope to get better performance with a pcmcia card. anyone out there who has used these thingies?

I’ve got a spectra8 that does 4 at the same time!
Not full pal though, it will do 2 at full PAL 3 at 720x288.
Quality isnt amazing though.


let me get this right

you can mix two signals using a usb2 capture device…

and what do you do?

input a video signal from 2nd laptop into the main via the capture device and then mix using a patch in VVVV using grouped quads for example (with blends)

one quad with captured video and another quad say with something else ( runtime animation, or even stream from another capture device)

what kind of performance do you get from the captured video?