Chaos Communication Camp 2019

Is anyone else planning on going to this CCC gathering?

The camp site is cosy, somewhat family-friendly, and dense with know-how about almost anything high tech. It is close to a couple lakes, so summer feeling is very likely, It is reasonably close to Berlin, so logistics within central europe is ok.

This open air festival is only once every 4 years, and chances are you never had one with ubiquitous 220V AC and GBit ethernet to every tent camp.

So who’s in?

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I’m in, with couple of other meso colleagues too. we don’t have info about tickets yet

yeah, tickets went live late last time as well.

most participating regional hacker groups across Europe have probably started organizing their camps though. camps are the festivals decentralized way to register for backbone connectivity.

might be worth to reach out to one, if you haven’t yet. chances are they already have a wiki

I’ll be there, hopefully with project AURORA.
See you guys!

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@blausand noice! see you there! ;)
I don’t have any project for it, I’ll just hang out there

So you can now call me, my number is 2499

@Velcrome is in Chaos Zone and me + some colleagues are in the Numberwang village

Met @shual @grandchild and @blausand too
Anyone else lurking about?

Please mark down ccc 2023 down for a link village!

or vvvvillage

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