Changing Technique with ORD2ENUM or STRING2ENUM

Hello everyone!

Has anybody been successful in using Ord2Enum or String2Enum for changing the shader technique?
Or is there a workaround?

It works only at the moment when I’ve connected it. When I close and reopen it, and change the value, the node becomes red and the output of the Ord2Enum or String2Enum is nil or false…

Im using VVVV 45 Beta 25.1

I can’t understand why it works on my laptop with the same patch and version and on my tower not. I have on both windows 7 installed…

I noticed that it has to do something with the dualscreen… It seems as it doesn’t like sli mode very much.

Enums are unpredictable, I tend to use shader passes rather than technique switching…

Thank you! That’s the trick ;)