Changing "scenes" in vvvv

I’m a n00b to vvvv, also just starting out learning GEM. In GEM, i can set up a counter for key strokes (“space key”) that will consecutively trigger then clear rendering windows for a large variety of visual ‘scenes’ and effects. I’m currently working on a piece that requires 30-40 such scene changes, for example. Is there a method to do something similar in vvvv? I’d like to be able to change scenes with my footswitch while playing the piano and having vvvv react to the acoustic parameters in realtime. Hope this is possible! Thanks!

there are certainly several methods to do something similar in vvvv; although it would be easier to ponder about the details if there was a specific example …

Hi hughsung,

yes this is all easy. I’ve made you this patch cos it easier than explaining in words. Part of the joys of visual programming.

If you select any node in the patch and press F1 on your keyboard you’ll get a detailed help patch that will popup and explain things in more detail.

Also have a really good read of the documentation, you’ll find pretty much everything about vvvv there.

Good luck

sceneChanger.v4p (12.3 kB)

oh wow! oh wow! xd_nitro, thank you sooooo much!! i can’t wait to start diving in and learning all about vvvv - what a terrific looking program!!

No problem.

Terrific program…I couldn’t agree more.

It took me no more than 3 mins to knock that up! It has such a fast development rate I love it. If I had to write that in C# for instance, it would have taken about twenty mins or longer from scratch, and then another 10mins debugging due to my slack C# skills.


If you have 40 off these ‘scenes’ running at once, and switching them like this, you best read Here about Performance!!

hadn’t thought about that side of things. ummm… so would you need to wire it all up with nodes that will disable the effects used, and pause the LFOs, of the scenes that aren’t being used?

Here’s another question about this technique - is there any way to add/subtract elements with the key switch? I tried doing with your example but it looks like the switch node inputs only accept 1 object per pin. How could i combine and/or subtract multiple nodes? It would be great to start with one object, then start adding more and/or trigger new effects to move/alter the objects with each keystroke. Hope my question makes sense…

When working with 40 scenes it is good practise to make them all into Modules/Subpatches.

I don’t think switching on/off an LFO will gain much, but switching a spreadcount for a linearfilter from 2000 to 0 will certainly do!! So an enable pin with some switches for every subpatch is the way to go.

The Switch (Node) does not seem spreadable, but I patched another way by simple switching on/off the objects that are all connected to the same Group. Once you understand/learn the power off spreads you will find better ways.

And take a look at elektromeier’s Spreadcount fader module :)

sceneChanger-2.v4p (17.3 kB)