Changing of machine > desynchronisation of video and audio

Hi everybody, i had to pass Iceberg show from our laptop to a tower (ATI HD5770), because laptop was showing instability in mother board. This is running under beta23.

I m experiencing a weird issue with the video files with audio:

audio is running at good speed but not video.
when running from mediaplayer, synchro is ok.
but from the patch oulalalala !

main loop is for-and-background and videotexture and at 30fps ( videoprojector in 60hz) Rax, async -1

average frame rate of video texture is 24.98 mostly

On a 159 seconds file i have at the end desynchronisation of the image, being late of 5 seconds ( yes ! )

Klite mega codec pack 6 as installed to try to fix this without any chance to suceed

i have re exported the video file with vegas, to be sure being in 25
fps. Runs fine on other computers. Video also is ok without delays on my personnal laptop.

Filestreamnode used is(DShow9) and video texture is pow2stretched

any idea on how to solve this ?


audio enum was setted on the card, the delay increased more and more the file is playing

setting audio enum do default direct sound device let a 1 / 1.5 sec delay for image, but fixed

Hum i have changed fps in mainloop and renderer without results. The manual patch, not remoted in artnet is playing fine the videos. Unfortunately its the artnet remoted version wich gives troubles. Really puzzling. Devvvs any idea ?

nobody as any idea on how a patch can changes its behaviour from machine to machine ? i have set the videoplayer alone, and it works at good speed. in the main patch its **** off…

(nb files are wvm in 720p 25i/s)