Changing GPU on a Clevo P150HM

has anybody any experience on changing MXM GPU cards in laptops? Mine has got a GTX560m and I am eyeing a GTX675m and a GTX770m as a possible upgrades but I am not sure if that will work, any idea?

hey, no idea really, would’t recomend doing this since notebook gpu pretty much part of motherboard really.
quick google search reveals quite few forum threads with some problems.

Right, seems MXM is one of those standards “with a lot of variations” …
Anyway reading here it seems like Clevo is one of most compliant.

Hey… I’m using Schenker XMG Laptops, which are basically Clevo-Laptops. I’ve let the support change the graphic-cards, since it’s really a bit of a pain. btw, I got 2 geforce gtx 670mx if you’re interested. I can sell them to you. You could check out, if it works, and if not, just send 'em back.