Changing font size in the Node Browser & Inspector


There are really great changes going on in UX interaction (Patch Editor UX) at the moment, so I’d like to jump on the bandwagon and ask if it’s possible to implement the following:

—> The ability to change the font size in the Node Browser and Inspector.

I work mainly on a laptop (17.3" FHD 1920x1080) and have tested it with Windows (11 Pro) scaling to 125%. This would work, but to be honest I would prefer to keep it at 100% as all my other software is fine with the text size.

I just started using VVVV a few weeks ago and have been going through Genuary 2024, which has been a lot of fun! :-D


One more remark on this:

We also tried the finer grained Windows Font Size setting in the Accessibility area, but that only scaled up the text in the menus, the node browser and inspector did not react to it.
And in the patch-tabs the font got bigger but was then cut off (this was never implemented in a usable manner as long as Windows exists so we’d rather avoid it).



Lastet 6.0 previews have a new setting “HDE Font Size” that works on the inspektor and other HDE windows but not yet the node browser. still to come.

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Very cool to hear!
Looking forward to test it as soon as FUSE is compatible again.



Awesome! :-D
Thanks a lot for the implementation.

Works great. Looking forward for having it in the node browser, too.