Changing Background on midi note - need an array?

Hey there vvvv-Forum,

I just recently got into vvvv from programming and now I am currently working on an idea.
I have a midi-keyboard with 88 keys and want to use it to control live visuals.
I was able to connect it with “MidiShort”, which was quite strange but okay.

Now I have a folder with 5 different backgrounds, and I need help making some kind of an array to sotre all of the paths and change it with five different keys.

I understood that it must have something to do with “Getslice” but i am quite lost.

Any help is appreciated!



hei isaak, did you go through the Spread them data I)-yet?-specifically-tutorial-spreads) should get you started. then continue reading about ((Spreads-should-get-you-started.-then-continue-reading-about-((Spreads).

then also check the helppatch of Dir (File).

Hey there,

thanks for the quick reply!

I just solved the problem with the Dir-node and the GetSlice-node… it was very easy.

The Dir-node stores all the data. and i gave the input for the input of the getslice with the midinote delivered, and the output into a filestream for a texture of a quad.

So thank you very much. :)

another hint, instead of MidiShort you should probably use one of the MidiNote nodes if you use a keyboard…