Changing a patch with the same name in a different folder changes another patch with the same name in another folder

I am working with many versions of patches so I copied the patch and pasted it in a different folder so that I can keep the original patch as a backup and work on the patch in the new folder. I kept the name of the patch the same but I didn’t think it would change my original patch which is in another folder. Is this a bug and is there any way to recover my original patch?

its a much better workflow to protect your state of a patch by using a version control system like GIT. there you can commit different versions of a patch and recover each version at a later point without having the file multiple times on your disc.

to recover the last saved state, vvvv saves a ~.xml besides your patch, you can rename it to .v4p and see whether it contains you last state of work…

if you must have multiple files on your disc, you need to make sure to reference the right one in your patches. when you hover the mouse over the node it should tell you the actual place on hard drive. you can also open the .v4p file and check the reference path with a text editor.

if you checked the reference paths and you still observe the same behavior please try to make a simple demo of the behavior and we will fix it.


Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, I just checked and the sub patches were still referencing to the original folder. I will have to drag them onto the patch and reconnect the pins.

Thanks again and will take note on your advice to use GIT.

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